Bar line
Bexar County, Texas
1400 E. Commerce, Palmetto, Montana Street
San Antonio, Texas

INDEX for City Cemetery #2.

The index is setup to list the section that a surname is to be found in. The name may appear more than once in the plot or in the section. This index is intended to help locate individuals if the site information is used from the printed form. If a search is preformed from the site, a search engine is available and this index is not necessary.


ABBEY, south east
ALLENSWORTH, south west
ALSBURY, north west
ANDERSON, north east
APPLEWHITE, north west
ARMSTRONG, north east
ARNO, north east
ARNOLD, south west


BADER, south east
BAKER, south west
BALDWIN, south east
DANIELS, north east
BATEY, north west
BEALL, north west
BEATTY, north west
BENJAMIN, south east
BLAIR, north west
Biesenbach, north west (maiden name), Blair (Married name)
BOURNE, north west
BRADFORD, south west
BRAHAN, north east
BRANDT, north west
BRAUBACH , south east
BRICE, north east
BRENNAN, south east
BROOKS, north west
BROWN , south east, north east
BRUTSCHE, south west
BRYAN, south west
DUNLAP, north east
BURGE, south east
BURNS, south east
BYRN, south west


CARLSON, south east
CHABOT, south east
CONOLY, north east
CONVERSE, north east
CRAIN, north east
CRATE, south west
CRIDER, north east
CUNNINGHAM, south east, north west


Dacnan (forename/surname?), north east
DALE, north west
DALLAS, south west
DANIELS, south west
DAUCHY, south west
DAVIS, south west
DELCUZE, south west
DITTMAR, south west
DOBBINS, south west
DOERR, north west
DONELSON, north west
DREISS, south east
DULLNIG, south east
DUERLER, south east
DURLER, south east
DRUMMOND, south west
UNNICA, north east


ECKFORD?, north west
EIGENDORFF, south east
ELLIS, north east
ENGLISH, north east
ESSER, north west


FARRAR, south west
FLOURNOY, north east
FROEBEL, south east
FURTNER, north west


GARNER, north east
GLOVER, north west
GOETH, south west
GRIESENBECK, north west
GRANDJEAN, north east
GROSHON, south east
GUPPY, north east


HARDY, north west, north east
HARRISON, south west, north east
HASELOFF, south east, north east
HAWKINS, south west
HAYS, south east
HAYWOOD, north east
HEDER, south west
HOBBS, north west
HORN, south west
HORST, north west
HUGHES, south westt
HUGO, south east
HUTCHESON, north west
HUTH , south west
HUTHMACHER, north east


INGLES, north west


JACKSON, south west, (2 separate listing) north west,
JAMES, north east
JENSEN, south east
OHNSON, south east
JUD, south west


KASTNER, south east
KING , south east
KINGSLEY, north west
KLIEFOTH, south west
KURKA, south east
KUYKENDALL, south west


LACY, south east
LANE, south east
LAWTON, south east
LEAKE, north east
LEE, south west
LINDNER, north east
LING, north west
LOZANO, north west
LUKIN, north east


MACKEY, north east
ALTSBERGER, north west MALVIN, north east
Mar(g/c)ourt, north west
MARKS, south east
MARSHALL, south east
MARTIN, north west
MAVERICK, north east
MAXWELL, north east
McARTHUR, north east
McGEHEE, north east
MERCHANT, north east
MELO, north west
MEYER, south west
MOORE, south east
MORLAN, south west
MUNCEY, south west
MURPHY, south west


NASH, north east
NELSON, south east
NICHOLS, north east


OCHSE, south east, north west
ORTIZ, north west


PAIS, south west
PALMER, south east
PEGUES, south east
PEREZ, north west
PFEIFFER, south west
PHELPS, south west
PITTMAN, south east
POLK, north west
POPE, south west, south east
POST, south west
PRESCOTT, north east
PRICE, south west
PROCHNOW, south east


RAMIREZ, north west
RICHTER, north east
RICHARDSON, north west (2 separate listing in section)
RIDDLE, south west
RIDGEWAY, north east
RIEDEN, north west
ROBERTSON, north east
RODRIQUEZ, north west
ROHLFING, north west
RONSE, south east
ROTH, south west
RUPPERSBERG, north east
RZEPPA, north east


SANCHEZ, south west
SCHMIDT, south west
SEELEY, north east
SELKE, north west
SCHAPER, south east
SCHULTZE, south east
SCHULZ, south east
SHELL, south east
SHERRILL, south east
SHIREMAN, north east
SIEBERGEN, south east. (2 separate listing of surname), north west
SMITH, south east, north west (2 separate listings)
STAPP, north west
STOCKTON, south east
STORM, south east
STRACH, north east


TAIT, south east
TAYLOR, north west
THOMPSON, south east
THOMPSON, south east
THRALL, north east
TURQUAND, south east


UPSON, north west


VACTER, north east
VARGAS, south east
VERNOR, north west
VORDENBAUM, south east


WALLACE, north east
WARD, south west
WEBER, north west
WEHRHAHN, north east
WEST, north west
WHITE, north east
WIGGINS, south west
WILKE, south west
WILLEY, south west
WILLIAMSON, north east
WILLIAMS, north west
WILSON, south east, north west,
WISE, north west
WOOD, north east
WOODS, north west
WORLEY, north east
WRIGHT, south west, north west


ZUMBERGE, south east